Maximum safety due to HERBITECT

Maximum safety due to HERBITECT

HERBITECT combines utmost safety and maximum environmental sustainability. This is the reason why HERBITECT root penetration protection has been applied…
Tested safety for bitumen roof membranes

Tested safety for bitumen roof membranes

HERBITECT® has been acknowledged by FLL as a proven biodynamic root inhibitor as it fulfils all established root protection test…
Unique ecological advantages

Unique ecological advantages

Die biodynamisch aktive Schutzformel von HERBITECT® entfaltet seine Wirkung bereits bei sehr geringen Dosierung im Sinne eines nachhaltigen, ökologischen und…
protection – as well in the joint

protection – as well in the joint

The excellent workability and the general product properties of bitumen waterproofing membranes surface most positively through HERBITECT.
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Frontpage Slideshow | Copyright © 2006-2011 JoomlaWorks Ltd.

Root penetration protection –
also in the seam connection!

HERBITECT make bitumen in the area
of connections root penetration-proof.

Maximum security and
environmental compatibility

HERBITECT has great worldwide
success over many years in the field

Root-proof roof and
sealing membranes

Life-long roof sealing protection
through depot effect!

Durchwurzelungsschutz -
auch in der Nahtverbindung!

HERBITECT macht  Bitumenbahnen in der
Nahtverbindung durchwurzelungsfest.

The bio-dynamic active protection formula of HERBITECT® produces its effect in very low dosages in terms of sustainable, ecological and economic root protection for bituminous green roof membranes.

HERBITECT® is a longterm proved and FLL-tested agent, which ensures a reliable root penetration protection of bitumen membranes and of their joints. HERBITECT® is used f to produce penetration-proof roof and waterproofing bitumen membranes as well as bituminous material and sealing compounds and insulations and asphalt compounds and for equipping rubber washers and similar products.

HERBITECT® is a brown specific smelling with water mixable ioly fluid. In liquid bitumen and many organic solvents HERBITECT® is easily soluble.