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Maximum safety for any kind of Green Roofs!

Extensive and intensive roof greening

The unique technical, ecological and commercial benefits of HERBITECT are shown to advantage with every kind of green roof application – even for heavy duty use by large plants in green outdoor living spaces.

Green Roofs – an important contribution to the improvement of urban living conditions!

Urbanistic advantages of green roofs

  • Retention of 50 – 90% of precipitation (thus relieving underground pipes)
  • Smog reduction (green roofs produce a cool humid air, act as a filter and absorb particle emissions)
  • Recovery of lost green spaces
  • Optical enhancement of roof scapes
  • Additional green living space

Economic benefits of green roofs

  • Multiple usage of expensive real estate
  • long-term cost benefit and saving of energy costs (the green roof is heat-insulating)
  • Prolonged product life of the roof insulation
  • Enhancement of tangible and intangible value of a property

Structural benefits of green roofs

  • Protection of the roof insulation from thermal fluctuation, mechanical damage, UV radiation, environmental impact etc.
  • Protection from high or low temperatures and sonic noise (heat-insulating in winter, cooling in summer)
  • Green roofs are resistant to external fire and radiating heat
  • Protection from electromagnetic pollution

Tested security

HERBITECT bitumen membranes meet the
DIN, FLL, EN, SIA, LDA root protection tests!

Product information

Universal for bituminous building
materials, sealants and asphalt mixtures.