The biodynamic active protection formula!

The bio-dynamic active protection formula of HerbiTECT® shows its effect in very low dosages in terms of sustainable, ecological and economic root protection for bituminous Green Roof membranes.

Only with the approach of a root does the biochemical root activity lead to an interaction with the active R (+) substance. This interaction stops the growth of the root without damaging the root itself.

Brilliant: the root is rejected above the waterproofing without influencing the vegetation!

Hydrophobic effect for maximum effectiveness!

The hydrophobic effect bounds HerbiTECT® tightly to the bitumen phase and thus be water-insoluble. An uncontrolled substance loss due to leaching is impossible.

The unique combination of stereo selectivity and hydrophobic effect ensures root-protection for decades without affecting the quality of water or vegetation.

Root penetration protection with maximum safety in accordance with the nature!

HerbiTECT® – your best decision!

  • Innovative, ecological root penetration protection which ensures long-term safety of bituminous membranes and their overlaps!
  • Therefore lowest dosages - environmental-friendly!
  • FLL-certified and longlife-tested
  • Proofness over the lifetime by the depot effect!
  • Unrivaled value for money!

Used worldwide by leading producers of waterproofing membranes. For Green Roofs with unlimited architectural design and opportunities.