The ecological root penetration protection
for Green Roofs

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HerbiTECT® root penetration protection

The bio-dynamic active protection formula of HerbiTECT® shows its effect in very low dosages in terms of sustainable, ecological and economic root protection for bituminous Green Roof membranes.

HerbiTECT® is a longterm proved and FLL-tested agent, which ensures a reliable root penetration protection of bituminous membranes and their joints. It is used for the production of root-resistant bituminous Green Roof membranes, bituminous building materials, sealing compounds as well as for sealings, asphalt compounds, for equipping of rubber washers and similar products.

Certified safety - Bituminous membranes with HerbiTECT® pass all common Green Roof-tests according to DIN, FLL, EN, SIA and LDA!

This reflects well for HerbiTECT®

Root penetration protection – as well in the joint!
HerbiTECT® ensures proofness against root penetration of bituminous membranes.
Maximum safety and environmental compatibility
HerbiTECT® has been used worldwide for many years with great success.
Root-resistant Green Roof-membranes
HerbiTECT® provides proofness over the lifetime by the depot effect.