The innovative rooting depth protection
 for green roofs

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HerbiTECT® rooting depth protection

HerbiTECT® is a long-term proven and FLL-tested additive, ensures the permanent resistance against root penetration of waterproofing and their joints.

It is used for the production of root-resistant waterproofing membranes, liquid plastics and liquid waterproofing, latex emulsions, pouring compounds and sealants, as well as for sealings, asphalt compounds, for equipping of rubber washers and similar products.

The bio-dynamic active protection formula of HerbiTECT® shows its effect in very low dosages in terms of sustainable, economic root protection for waterproofings.

Certified safety - HerbiTECT® waterproofing membranes pass all common Green Roof-tests according to DIN, FLL, EN, SIA and LDA!

This reflects well for HerbiTECT®

Maximum safety and environmental compatibility
HerbiTECT® has been used worldwide for many years with great success.
Biodynamic R(+) active formula
Protects the waterproofing over the lifetime in harmony with nature!
Rooting depth protection – as well in the joint!
HerbiTECT® ensures proofness against root penetration of waterproofing.