Application & PArtnership

HerbiTECT® is used for the production of root-resistant waterproofing, pouring compounds and sealents as well as for sealings, equipping of rubber washers and similar products.

Intended use

  • Green Roof waterproofing membranes

  • Liquid plastics and liquid waterproofing

  • Latex emulsions

  • Pouring compounds and sealants

  • Bituminous sealings

  • Light-duty road construction / Embankment construction

  • Rubber seals


BÜSSCHER & HOFFMANN – your competent partner - supports you also in product development.

As a producer and technology leader in high-quality Green Roof-membranes and at the same time as a producer of HerbiTECT®, we have an unrivalled lead in practical experience. In addition, HerbiTECT® by BÜSSCHER & HOFFMANN has been used by renowned waterproofing manufacturers around the world since the 1990s.