The biodynamic active protection formula!

The biodynamic active protection formula of HerbiTECT® shows its effect in very low dosages in terms of sustainable, economic root protection for waterproofing.
The biochemical root activity interacts with the R(+) active principle - any rooting depth is prevented without influencing the vegetation!

Hydrophobic effect for maximum effectiveness!

The hydrophobic effect bonds HerbiTECT® firmly to the bitumen phase. The unique combination of stereoselectivity and hydrophobicity ensures decades of rooting depth protection without affecting the vegetation.

Rooting depth protection with maximum safety in harmony with nature!

HerbiTECT® – your best decision!

  • An innovative, economic additive which ensures long-term root resistance of waterproofing and their joints
  • Only low dosages are needed
  • FLL-certified and long life-proven
  • Proofness over the lifetime of the waterproofing
  • Unrivaled value for money
  • Used worldwide by leading producers of waterproofing. For Green Roofs with unlimited architectural design and opportunities to develop.
  • Certified safety for Green Roofs
  • FLL-Test – appreciated worldwide

HerbiTECT® is worldwide acknowledged and a proven biodynamically effective protection for root resistance of waterproofing.
Waterproofing products with HerbiTECT® pass all common Green Roof-tests according to DIN, FLL, EN, SIA and LDA!