Root penetration protection – as well in the joint!

HerbiTECT® ensures proofness against root penetration of bituminous membranes in a unique manner: not only on the surface but also in the joints.

Long-term reliable and FLL-proofed active substance

HerbiTECT® is a longterm proved and FLL-tested agent, which ensures a reliable root penetration protection of bituminous membranes and their joints. HerbiTECT® is used for the production of root-resistant bituminous Green Roof membranes, bituminous building materials, sealing compounds as well as for insulations, asphalt compounds, for equipping rubber washers and similar products.

Tested safety
Bituminous membranes with HerbiTECT® pass Green Roof-tests according to DIN, FLL, EN, SIA und LDA!

The revolution in the production of Green Roof-membranes!

HerbiTECT® remains solid and not volatile at usual process temperatures (up to 250° C) during the production of Green Roof-membranes.

The dosage depends on the load (e.g. extensive or intensive planting / greenery) and the chosen waterproofing system (e.g. number of layers). The excellent applicability and the general product properties of bituminous waterproofing membranes are positively influenced by HerbiTECT®.


HerbiTECT® is a brown, specific smelling, with water mixable, oily fluid. It is easily soluble in liquid bitumen and many organic solvents.